To propose a new seminar, please complete the form below. 

Before you begin, please take a moment to look at the list of All University Seminars, Past and Present. Current seminars with descriptions are listed on the Seminars page. 

If there is another seminar already on the subject you are proposing, please address this in your letter. It is possible to have multiple seminars in a particular field as long as the approach or subject matter differs enough from the existing seminar to qualify as a new seminar.

All seminars must include participants from more than one department, and from outside Columbia.  Members (from Columbia), and associate members (from elsewhere), must have PhD’s or equivalent expertise. Some seminars admit selected graduate students as guests; some do not.    

Before you begin, please review the following:

 Conferences section, The University Seminars Guidelines 

Download and complete the following required forms:

Conference Budget Worksheet
Conference Funding Agreement

The Leonard Hastings Schoff and Suzanne Levick Schoff Memorial Fund can be used for indexing, translating, technical editing, illustrating, or other publication costs of manuscripts or monographs produced under the auspices of The University Seminars in the fields of economics, sociology, psychology, penology, or the behavioral sciences which have already been approved for publication.  

The Aaron Warner Fund supports the publication of materials that emerge from a University Seminar. These publications do not need to fall under a specific field. Our Advisory Committee named this new book subsidy fund the Aaron Warner fund, in honor of the social scientist who was Director of The University Seminars for decades, and whose devotion to music on the one hand, and to the world of physics at Columbia, on the other, carried him far beyond the social sciences.   

Before applying, the following two conditions must be met:

  • The book or article must be accepted by a peer-reviewed academic publisher. The alternatives of self-publication and print-on-demand publication need to be justified to the Committee and may be recommended for consideration as an exceptional case by the Advisory Board.
  • Some or all of the publication was influenced by participation in a seminar; a portion of the work was presented and discussed at a seminar, and that discussion affected the book.

The University Seminars Publication Committee considers the value of the book and its involvement with a seminar in comparison with other requests. Funding requests are subject to the following priorities:

  • Books produced entirely as a seminar's project, e.g., a conference or symposium.    
  • Monographs by regular seminar participants, including chairs and co-chairs, of which some part was presented and discussed at a seminar meeting.        
  • Monographs including materials presented and discussed by a speaker at a seminar meeting.
  • The Committee will consider works by a seminar's rapporteur where the work was clearly influenced by participation in the seminar. 

The Committee can usually respond within a month. If funding is awarded, bills should be sent directly to The University Seminars as invoices. Reimbursements to the author are often impossible.

Upon publication, The University Seminars office requests the following:

1.) Acknowledgment

Please acknowledge the Fund at The University Seminars in either of these forms or with similar wording:

  • “The (editor)/(author) expresses appreciation to the [NAME OF FUND] at the University Seminars at Columbia University for their help in publication. Material in this work was presented to the University Seminar: [NAME OF SEMINAR.]"
  • “The (editor)/(author) expresses appreciation to the [NAME OF FUND] at the University Seminars at Columbia University for their help in publication. The ideas presented have benefited from discussions in the University Seminar on [NAME OF SEMINAR.]"

2.) Archival Copies

Please send two complimentary copies of the final publication to The University Seminars office for archival purposes. We suggest you include this in your agreement with the publisher.

Upon acceptance, please review: 

 Payments & Reimbursements, The University Seminars Guidelines, (p. 18.)


The Belo Award aims to increase participation from emerging and independent scholars and non-tenured professors from underrepresented groups in The University Seminars' events. The Award may be used for expenses associated with attendance, over and above the cost of travel and accommodation usually covered by the Seminars Office.  Such expenses might include dependent care, the cost of food, and other incidentals.  

Applications for the Belo Award will be reviewed by a committee.  

If the presented work is published as a result of being included in the seminar, the author will acknowledge The University Seminars by using the following or similar format:    

“The (editor/author) expresses appreciation to the Belo Award at The University Seminars at Columbia University for their help in publication. Material in this work was presented to the seminar on [x].”

“The ideas presented have benefited from The University Seminars at Columbia University, specifically in the [x] seminar.”

For questions about this award, contact Alice Newton.

Before you begin, please review the following:

Naming Convention

Minutes Template

Announcement Template

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