The Belo Award aims to increase participation from emerging and independent scholars and non-tenured professors from underrepresented groups in The University Seminars' events. The Award may be used for expenses associated with attendance, over and above the cost of travel and accommodation usually covered by the Seminars Office.  Such expenses might include dependent care, the cost of food, and other incidentals.  

Applications for the Belo Award will be reviewed by a committee.  

If the presented work is published as a result of being included in the seminar, the author will acknowledge The University Seminars by using the following or similar format:    

“The (editor/author) expresses appreciation to the Belo Award at The University Seminars at Columbia University for their help in publication. Material in this work was presented to the seminar on [x].”

“The ideas presented have benefited from The University Seminars at Columbia University, specifically in the [x] seminar.”

For questions about this award, contact Susan Boynton:

We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.